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I just returned from London…the city dearest to my heart…I don´t know what it is but I feel very much at home in London, I guess it offers everything in one with it´s diversity and people from around the globe!! I met close friends and even made some very special new friends and connections, thank you all for sharing!! I also finished the Landmark advanced course after having completed the Landmark Forum a few months ago, highly recommended!! So I wanted to take the opportunity to share some of the key takeaways: Authenticity, Integrity, Commitment, Excellence, Honoring your Word, which gains a whole new power, by converting it into Action, Be complete with your past and your stories, which opens up A New Realm of Possibility, in order to be able to create the life you really want to live and are passionate about, Now you are ready to become a leader and enroll others, And together contribute on a broader scale and make a difference. So the course is about Transformation :) .

When I returned home to Madrid on Sunday I felt a bit melancholic like in between worlds on a bridge, and then I realized that I don´t have to feel lost in the middle of a bridge, I can actually BE the BRIDGE and UNITE all the worlds in mySELF and feel fulfilled :) .

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