Strange summer for me, some would say…, I rather enjoyed and loved it!!! First I went on a pilgrimage to explore, discover and experience The Isle of AVALON (Glastonbury, Somerset Levels, England). Highly recommended to “live” there for a while, even if it is only for a week (B&B to stay at Happy Glastonbury, a place you can breathe and soak up all the magical Avalonian moments: A world where Christianity and Paganism meet and melt, where it is possible to access both worlds…climb up the Tor (door to the eternal and gateway for the souls, if possible with full moon and at Beltane); drink from the healing fountain at Chalice Well (the Vesica Piscis, infinite source of life, sacred site where the presiding Goddess of the Cauldron initiated Morgaine into priestess-hood); follow the foot steps of King Arthur and his knights; watch Romeo & Juliet laying in the gardens of the Abbey; sit on Excalibur´s ancient stone; sense where on the hill the Holy Grail could be buried…; enter the labyrinth of your life (set up an intention to go in, follow the path patiently, and finally feel and know when you reached the center, your heart, where all the answers can be found, listen to your inner voice, and apply and share the teachings on your way out), it represents the journey of life to be walked, since there is no other way :) ; light a candle for St. Joseph of Arimathea´s in St. John´s Church; visit the St. Magdalene Almshouses; interview the Avalonians and share ancient stories & myths from the fairy-land…; but most importantly, open your heart, experience love in every cell, feel the peace and stillness as your mind slips away at the magical sites, and in other places “download” lot´s of ideas and information on your purpose, past, present & future, and in my case on Samastah…Avalon, the pilgrimage of rebirth :) .

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