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What is evolution? Big question…just a small attempt…as they say if you don´t risk in life you don´t “evolve”…I guess it is all about learning (sometimes the sweet and sometimes the hard way)…but at the end there is no escape and we all got to move forward…therefore, our attitude and being prepared for whatever needs to happen is crucial. Somehow, it occurred to me that the cosmic play or creation of the universe could be drawn in the shape of a diamond…evolution represented as a spiral rotating upwards-outwards around its centre while at the maximum of expansion and distance the process inverts and involution commences rotating upwards-inwards back towards a new centre. Hence, evolution is separating from the origin and involution is conveying back to the oneness, both necessary in order for what we could call Consciousness to transform into a new evolved unity. Everything, all of us and every cell, need to transform in order for Consciousness to evolve. Taking into account the teachings of Vedanta or non-dualism, We all form part of Consciousness or the Creator…so the conclusion would be that We actually have the ability to respond, control our senses and fine tune our instruments, such as our body and mind, all that being our learning process…and it is through experience We or Consciousness being all ONE is able to transform and evolve.


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