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The same as it is been said that when the disciple is ready the master will find him, and the same as when the pilgrim is fit the Apóstol Santiago calls him to start the journey to Santiago (the Jacob´s Way or el Camino de Santiago)…I actually am starting to believe that the same happens with love…when you are prepared and truly open for it, actually pure unconditional love finds you. Your commitment should be towards cleaning up your heart in order for love to be able to enter. It may take up any form or even express itself in no-form, but you will know because you will feel it in every cell of your body, mind and soul. The same as once you are clear about your purpose you don´t seem to have an option other than to follow that journey, once love manifests you have no longer an option other than to live the path of love. You start to realize that actually only a life of love is worth living, it gives a sense of belonging and holds everything together. Love is our source and destiny. Love is everything.


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  1. Javier dijo:

    Hay personas que eligen el camino del miedo. Hay otras que eligen el camino del amor. Cuando amas desde el corazón, el camino se abre limpio ante ti, y la valentía de seguirlo te lleva a las más grandes experiencias y sentimientos. Gracias por tu bello texto peregrina. Ama hasta que te duela, si duele, es buena señal… ;-)

    • bettinagallego dijo:

      Muchas gracias Javier por tus palabras escritas desde el corazón…me está haciendo sentir tu libro “Ama hasta que te duela”…Abrazo de peregrina a peregrino :)

  2. stamp price dijo:

    i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new things coming up from it.

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