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You just need to take the first step. If you are going in the right direction everything else will follow. Focus and trust. Think BIG with your heart. You need to show clear intention and firm action towards fulfilling your purpose in life. If your individual purpose is aligned with the universal purpose of evolution than it will happen effortlessly and all the pieces will fall into place, like a Tetris. All your smaller plans will fit into the higher plan, and the journey will be cleared for you to continue in that direction. Just follow your intuition and coincidences will guide you. Become a well tuned instrument using all your qualities and passions God gave you in order to serve humanity. Visualize, experience and live your purpose. You will know that the only true option for you is to follow that path. You just need to take the first step and trust. All the rest leave it up to God, consciousness, or the higher force behind creation residing everywhere, as well as in your heart.


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  1. Sundari dijo:

    jo, como me ayuda en esta “mi encrucijada”…gracias, bss

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