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The second part of my summer I spent sitting (literally 12 hrs daily almost without moving and getting up at 4am sharp) for 10 days in silence on a Vipassana meditation course. I am thankful for the transforming and at times painful :) experience. Here goes my tribute to S.N. Goenka, who revived the ancient technique with which Buddha obtained enlightenment and made it accessible to the whole world. Goenkaji left his body the night of the 29th September 2013, so I wanted to share part of his teachings about vipassana (to see things as they really are), self-transformation through self-observation and purification of the mind, his favourite words being impermanence (anicca) and equanimity, and his message to ALL:

Dear Travellers on the Path of Dhamma, Be Happy! Keep the torch of Dhamma (the law of nature and the way to liberation) alight! Let it shine brightly in your daily life, and may your Dhamma behaviour and the glow on your faces attract more and more suffering people to this path of real happiness. Make it an art of living, living in peace and harmony with oneself and also with all others. May all beings be happy, peaceful, liberated. “Bhavatu sabba mangalam. Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu.”


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