Película Lion – muy recomendable

Forbes Review: Lion is a tale of tragedy and loss, of pain and heartbreak — but also a tale of hope and mercy, of faith and love, and of how sublime moments of grace in our lives can often come from the aftermath of suffering. That balance is so common in the real world, and the relationship between sufferings and blessings so confusing and intricate, that we often don’t even perceive its influence in our daily lives. And few films are brave enough or even conscious enough to portray those truths honestly and vividly while not necessarily drawing overt attention to it. It exists, it is powerful and undeniable, and in Lion it is perceptible even as it lives beneath the surface of all things, quiet and delicate and just out of sight if you try to glimpse it in a single individual moment. Speaking again, then, to the visual language of the film and how necessary every isolated scene or shot is to the rest.

The cast work within the simultaneously intimate and limitless potential of human emotion, allowing straightforward familial interactions to serve as heart-wrenching/heart-warming windows into the souls of these people and human nature. The expansive characterizations, awe-inspiring photography, and instant classical nature of the journey make Lion feel large and cinematic in ways transcending its small personal focus and indie roots.


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Click B-ESO

Un Click dedicado al BESO que debí de publicar hace muuuucho tiempo, desde entonces han ocurrido muuuuchas cosas en mi vida…..

Con un Beso de Verdad te llenas justo de ESO, ¿y qué podría ser ESO? El famoso THAT, Be-that, Be-eso, ESO=Absoluto, Infinito, Nada, Todo, Amor…..

Ese Beso que da comienzo a Todo y cambia el rumbo de tu vida,  ese que te lleva al infinito y el más allá para toda una eternidad, repleto de ESO, que en un instante te hace tocar cielo y tierra a la vez y te eleva hasta el exceso :) , y en ese momento queda todo sellado con el B-ESO. SI SOY ESO.

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Click Authenticity

I just returned from London…the city dearest to my heart…I don´t know what it is but I feel very much at home in London, I guess it offers everything in one with it´s diversity and people from around the globe!! I met close friends and even made some very special new friends and connections, thank you all for sharing!! I also finished the Landmark advanced course after having completed the Landmark Forum a few months ago, highly recommended!! So I wanted to take the opportunity to share some of the key takeaways: Authenticity, Integrity, Commitment, Excellence, Honoring your Word, which gains a whole new power, by converting it into Action, Be complete with your past and your stories, which opens up A New Realm of Possibility, in order to be able to create the life you really want to live and are passionate about, Now you are ready to become a leader and enroll others, And together contribute on a broader scale and make a difference. So the course is about Transformation :) .

When I returned home to Madrid on Sunday I felt a bit melancholic like in between worlds on a bridge, and then I realized that I don´t have to feel lost in the middle of a bridge, I can actually BE the BRIDGE and UNITE all the worlds in mySELF and feel fulfilled :) .

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Click All is Possible

I wanted to share this video of Kyle Maynard with you long time ago…it is probably the video that has most impacted, inspired, touched, and made me feel small compared to Kyle, as well as made me believe that All is Possible. Thank you Kyle for sharing your life with others, and for inspiring and helping us find our purpose in life. I am very lucky and honored to be able to be in touch with you through our project Samastah. Thanks for being yourSELF and for never giving up, and showing us what real accomplishments under difficult circumstances are and mean, for making me cry every time I watch your video, for your courage and joy of living. THANK YOU. DEDICATED to ALL.

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Entrevista Dossier Empresarial

La entrevista que acaba de salir en el Dossier Empresarial de esta semana sobre mi “nueva faceta” como co-fundadora de Samastah junto a Ángel María Herrera Bettina Gallego – Samastah

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Primer Encuentro Samastah: SER TU MEJOR TÚ

Si alguna vez te has planteado: mejorar tu estado físico, eliminar estrés, gestionar mejor tus emociones, comer más sano, ejercitar tu mente, o vivir más en paz, pero no tienes muy claro cómo hacerlo, entonces, ¡SAMASTAH es para ti!

Nos vemos el próximo 19 de octubre de 10hs a 18hs en ECOCENTRO Madrid

o puedes seguir el evento on-line.

Reserva tu entrada:

Contaremos con conferencias y talleres de la mano de:

SERGI TORRES: “La confianza, la llave a una vida plena”
LUIS CASTELLANOS: “La neurociencia de tus ideas”
ISABEL SOLANA: “Viviendo desde el corazón”
JESICA TIRADO: Taller de respiración consciente
MIGUEL ANGEL LOPEZ TRUJILLO: Taller de crowdfunding

Te esperamos, aprovecha esta oportunidad para aprender, compartir y difundir aportando tu granito de arena a Samastah y con ello al mundo!!!! :) GRACIAS

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Click Vipassana

The second part of my summer I spent sitting (literally 12 hrs daily almost without moving and getting up at 4am sharp) for 10 days in silence on a Vipassana meditation course. I am thankful for the transforming and at times painful :) experience. Here goes my tribute to S.N. Goenka, who revived the ancient technique with which Buddha obtained enlightenment and made it accessible to the whole world. Goenkaji left his body the night of the 29th September 2013, so I wanted to share part of his teachings about vipassana (to see things as they really are), self-transformation through self-observation and purification of the mind, his favourite words being impermanence (anicca) and equanimity, and his message to ALL:

Dear Travellers on the Path of Dhamma, Be Happy! Keep the torch of Dhamma (the law of nature and the way to liberation) alight! Let it shine brightly in your daily life, and may your Dhamma behaviour and the glow on your faces attract more and more suffering people to this path of real happiness. Make it an art of living, living in peace and harmony with oneself and also with all others. May all beings be happy, peaceful, liberated. “Bhavatu sabba mangalam. Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu.”


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Strange summer for me, some would say…, I rather enjoyed and loved it!!! First I went on a pilgrimage to explore, discover and experience The Isle of AVALON (Glastonbury, Somerset Levels, England). Highly recommended to “live” there for a while, even if it is only for a week (B&B to stay at Happy Glastonbury, a place you can breathe and soak up all the magical Avalonian moments: A world where Christianity and Paganism meet and melt, where it is possible to access both worlds…climb up the Tor (door to the eternal and gateway for the souls, if possible with full moon and at Beltane); drink from the healing fountain at Chalice Well (the Vesica Piscis, infinite source of life, sacred site where the presiding Goddess of the Cauldron initiated Morgaine into priestess-hood); follow the foot steps of King Arthur and his knights; watch Romeo & Juliet laying in the gardens of the Abbey; sit on Excalibur´s ancient stone; sense where on the hill the Holy Grail could be buried…; enter the labyrinth of your life (set up an intention to go in, follow the path patiently, and finally feel and know when you reached the center, your heart, where all the answers can be found, listen to your inner voice, and apply and share the teachings on your way out), it represents the journey of life to be walked, since there is no other way :) ; light a candle for St. Joseph of Arimathea´s in St. John´s Church; visit the St. Magdalene Almshouses; interview the Avalonians and share ancient stories & myths from the fairy-land…; but most importantly, open your heart, experience love in every cell, feel the peace and stillness as your mind slips away at the magical sites, and in other places “download” lot´s of ideas and information on your purpose, past, present & future, and in my case on Samastah…Avalon, the pilgrimage of rebirth :) .

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Click Samastah

Ya estamos a últimos de julio…ha sido un mes intenso para Samastah, la aventura del equilibrio personal, que estamos lanzando y nos tiene absorbidos…parece que Samastah y Bettina se han convertido en uno y ya no tengo noción de individualidad…este proyecto de vida que lo une todo,  mundo material y espiritual, es como si fuera la extensión del propósito “asignado”, concienciar e inspirar a la transformación, dándonos la oportunidad de contribuir nuestro granito de arena a que todos los seres sean algo más felices y libres. Samastah, todos los seres compartiendo un mismo espacio, del mantra Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu “May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thought, words and actions of my own life contribute in someway to that happiness and that freedom for all”.

Value claims: Enjoy Wisdom you can Trust; Back to Basics; Think BIG with your heart; Light your light to BE light; Being your best Self; Samastah ALL in ONE.

The quest for self-balance of Body, Mind & Spirit – to BE lived…since experienced knowledge becomes wisdom, and hence leads to truth and freedom

I leave you with a short video which summarizes the first steps of the project:

Más info sobre el proyecto en la landing y en el blog de mi socio, compartiendo Camino hacia Samastah :)

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Click Ahora

En honor al maestro Eckhart Tolle y su “El poder del AHORA” no queda otra que publicar un click Ahora :) ¿Cuánto tiempo pasamos con nuestros pensamientos en el pasado y futuro? ¿Cuánto realmente le dedicamos al presente? La emoción de la culpa por ejemplo te lleva al pasado al igual que el miedo te lleva al futuro, pero, y si te preguntaras ¿Qué falta en este momento? La clave de la felicidad está en vivir cada vez más en el aquí y ahora, y no considerar este dicho como un tópico, sino volver conscientemente una y otra vez a estar presentes, observar nuestros pensamientos y emociones, distanciándonos y reconociendo que no eres esa voz incesante, sino que eres la conciencia más allá que observa y a la que se llega cuando estás presente, es una sensación de quietud. Os dejo con una entrevista que le hace Oprah Winfrey a Eckhart Tolle y resume todo lo que realmente necesitamos. “BE presence and surrender to what IS”.

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