Película Lion – muy recomendable

Forbes Review: Lion is a tale of tragedy and loss, of pain and heartbreak — but also a tale of hope and mercy, of faith and love, and of how sublime moments of grace in our lives can often come from the aftermath of suffering. That balance is so common in the real world, and the relationship between sufferings and blessings so confusing and intricate, that we often don’t even perceive its influence in our daily lives. And few films are brave enough or even conscious enough to portray those truths honestly and vividly while not necessarily drawing overt attention to it. It exists, it is powerful and undeniable, and in Lion it is perceptible even as it lives beneath the surface of all things, quiet and delicate and just out of sight if you try to glimpse it in a single individual moment. Speaking again, then, to the visual language of the film and how necessary every isolated scene or shot is to the rest.

The cast work within the simultaneously intimate and limitless potential of human emotion, allowing straightforward familial interactions to serve as heart-wrenching/heart-warming windows into the souls of these people and human nature. The expansive characterizations, awe-inspiring photography, and instant classical nature of the journey make Lion feel large and cinematic in ways transcending its small personal focus and indie roots.


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